In which conditions is a booking canceled automatically?

Refundable bookings that have not been paid for are canceled by the system 30 minutes before the free cancellation period ends. 

Important! If your overpayment balance has sufficient funds to pay for the booking, then the order will not be canceled automatically. 

You may check the deadline for paying for the booking in your online account on the booking page. 

Please note: the order payment deadline matches the time zone in which the order was made.


According to the agreement terms, the partner bears responsibility for making timely payments and must manually cancel expired bookings. If the agency did not cancel the booking in their online account, it must pay for it. 

If you have a credit limit or overpayment balance, refundable bookings will not be canceled automatically for as long as the credit limit/overpayment balance has sufficient funds to cover their cost. 

Please check your credit limit balance regularly in the Financial Information — Limit for New Non-Refundable Orders section. If the remaining balance is below the booking’s cost, it may be canceled by the system automatically.