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Where can I check my bookings?
Where can I check my bookings?
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After you complete the booking process, you can find all your bookings listed under “Orders” (at the top left corner of the page).

Orders” – “All” will show all the bookings you’ve ever made or canceled. Please click on the booking to see the full information.

"Upcoming" - contains the bookings with the check-in dates in the future.

"Active"- contains the bookings which are being currently used by the clients (the clients are at the hotel now).

"Completed" - contains all consumed bookings which have been used.

"Canceled" - this section contains all canceled bookings.

"Unpaid"- contains all unpaid bookings. You can check the pending payment date in the booking information.

"Cancellation soon" section contains all bookings which have a free cancellation period expiring soon, regardless you have paid for them already or not.

"Automatic cancellation" contains unpaid bookings which will be automatically canceled by the system soon due to lack of payment or credit limit.

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