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Booking a hotel
How do I book a hotel?
How do I book a hotel?
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Search for your hotel by destination. After you have found the hotel listed in your chosen destination, you will see that multiple prices are displayed. These are based on room type and rate plan, e.g. cancellation policy, meal plan etc. We use various providers as wholesalers, consolidators, OTAs and DMCs integrated in our system, hence the wide choice of properties and availability.

For non-refundable rates, you need to click on the “Pay by card” button. These rates require payment at the time of booking. Please make sure that the currency you choose is supported by your payment card to avoid potential charges (the currency choice button is located in the top right corner of the page or on the booking page).

For refundable rates, use the “Book now” button. You will simply have to fill out a short booking form (guest name, contact number etc). Payment must be made within the stated cancellation deadline or according to the special payment terms, stated in the contract.

To complete the reservation process, click “Complete booking”.

We remind you that is an online, real-time booking system:

  • all the rates that we show online are those valid at the time of viewing;

  • once you have completed the booking process, no additional re-confirmation is required;

  • the voucher is available to you as soon as you receive the booking confirmation.

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