How to work with subagents on RateHawk

Now if you work with a network of agents or subagents you can connect them to your online account on RateHawk and monetize their bookings. 

How it works

The subagents model allows you not only to make your own bookings but also to grant access to your subagents in order to get commission from their orders. 


You can set up as many subagents as you wish, there is no limit.

Other functions available

The main agent may:

  • Create as many subagencies as they want and add any number of subagents.
  • View the bookings of each subagency.
  • Set subagency’s credit limit, grant subagents access to the main agent’s credit limit or not accord any limit at all.
  • Set individual commissions and subagency’s markup for each subagency.
  • Customize vouchers and invoices; for example, add a company’s logo or details.

For whom the subagents model is appropriate

  • If you work with subagents and want to monetize this partnership. 
  • If you are a network and want to view the bookings of all agents in the same online account. 


How to switch to it

If you want to use the new subagents model please contact your account manager — they will send you instructions and help you at all stages of the transition. 

Please note: instructions for installing the subagents model are only available in English.