How to get commission for gross bookings?

Partners working with RateHawk under an agreement with the legal entity ETI can now collaborate in the gross format. 

This means that you can independently add commission to the price of the travel service and pay for such bookings with the client’s card. Upon the end of the reporting period we will credit your account with the set amount of commission.

Please note: partners working with us via other legal entities cannot yet access the gross price payment functionality in their back office. If you want to start working with us at gross rates please contact your account manager.


How to find out the payment amount?

The payment amount will be contained in the commission report. You can find it in your back office, in the Reporting section — Reporting Documents.

The commission invoice is generated after the fifth day of each month and includes bookings with check-outs in the previous month (for example, on 5 March the commission report will be generated for bookings with a check-out in February).

If there is no commission report, it means that there were no commission bookings in the previous month.

Please note: the commission report includes commission bookings of all available travel services – hotels, air tickets and transfers.


Where the commission will be credited?

You may select one of the following options for the transfer: 

  • Bank account. Please note: for a transfer to a bank account the accrued amount of commission must be at least $100.

  • The overpayment account. We recommend this payment method in particular, because we can transfer any amount in this way and you won’t have to wait for interbank transactions to complete. You may use funds on the overpayment account to pay for the next bookings. 


How to get the payment?

  1. Check the Reporting Documents section in your back office during the reporting period. 
  2. If the report contains a payment amount then please send a request for a transfer to your account manager. The account manager’s address can be found in the Support section.

  3. Append a completed and signed W8/W9 form to your message (see below for instructions). You only need to do this once: information from the form will be saved to your company profile. Important: if any of the information in the form changes, please inform your account manager of this.
  4. Select the method for receiving your commission in the request: by bank transfer or to your overpayment account. 
  5. Send us the following bank details: Beneficiary name, IBAN/SWIFT and Bank country if you prefer to receive commission via bank transfer. This information will be saved to your company profile. Important: if any of the payment information entered changes, please inform your account manager of this.

Instructions on completing form W8/W9

For us to pay commission you will need to complete form W9 (for partners in the USA) or W8 (for partners in all other countries). 

For US partners who are legal entities, please fill in the form W9  

Only page 1 needs to be filled in:

par.1 Name of the company (as shown on your income tax return)

par.3 Check the box (usually C Corporation)

par.5 Address (number, street, and apt, or suite no)

par.6 City, state and ZIP code

Part 1. Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)

Part 2. Signature of U.S. person and date


For non-US partners who are legal entities, please fill in the form W8

Only pages 1, 2 and 8 need to be filled in.

Page 1 (Part 1):

par.1 Name of the organisation

par.2 Country of incorporation or organisation

par.4 Check the box (usually Corporation)

par.5 Check the box (usually Active NFFE)

par.6 Permanent residence address (number, street, and apt, or suite no)

City or town, state or province, postal code


par.9b Foreign TIN (tax [TAXPAYER?] identification number)

Page 7: (Part XXV – Line 39)

Check Box

Page 8:

Signature of individual authorised to sign for beneficial owner

Print name


Check the box “I certify that I have the capacity to sign for the entity identified on line 1 of this form.”


For non-US partners who are individuals, please fill in the form

Only page 1 needs to be filled in:

 (Part 1):

Par.1 Name of individual who is the beneficial owner

Par.2 Country of citizenship

Par.3 Permanent residence address

Par.4 Mailing address

Par.6 Foreign tax [TAXPAYER?] identification number

Part 3:

Signature of beneficial owner, Name of signer and date


If you have any remaining questions about working in the gross format then please contact your account manager, who will help you to understand everything!