The RateHawk referral program — we give you loyalty points thanks to your friends!

How it works

  1. Open the referral program page. 
  2. Copy the invitation link and send it to your colleague by any convenient means.
    Immediately after registration the invited colleague will get 100 loyalty points.
    You will get 100 loyalty points after checkout for the colleague’s third booking.
  3. 1 point = 1 unit of local currency.


Who can take part?

Any RateHawk partner who has made three bookings with check-out completed after 1 February 2021.


Who can be invited?

RateHawk is a service for booking hotels, air tickets and transfers for professionals. We only work with legal entities. If your friend books hotels for clients or is involved in organizing business trips then you may invite him/her. 


How many loyalty points will I get?

You will get 100 loyalty points for every friend who registers and completes three bookings. The points will be credited a few days after checkout for the third booking — as soon as we see that the booking was actually used. 


How many colleagues can be invited?

The number is unlimited. 


Who has already used my link?

Here you can see which of your friends have already registered at the link and the status of their bookings.rh_eng_2.png