Making a booking

How to specify the time when the car should be provided to meet the passengers?

You need to specify the start time of your journey in the time zone of your destination.


How do I know the duration of my trip?

You can find out the trip length on the fare card when you choose your transfer option.


How do I enter my flight number correctly?

Please fill in the flight number information in the DDXXXX format so that we can track your flight number, 

DD - the letter code of the airline, 

XXXX - flight number.

Please note that the number of characters may vary.

The "Flight Number" field applies only to trips that are tied to air travel. If the passenger is arriving by train, ship or any other means of transport please  do not include the flight number.

How long before the trip can I book a transfer?

The time required to place an order before the start of your trip depends on the airline, the transfer category, and the availability of the vehicle at a specific time. Please indicate the date, time, and transfer category in the search box. If there are options available, the order can be placed for any day, including the same day.


Can I combine a round trip transfer in one booking?

Unfortunately it is only possible to book one trip per booking. You will need to create a new booking to order a return transfer.

Therefore, in the event you have booked both outbound and return transfers for the passenger you need to provide them with two vouchers.


What language should I write my order comment in?

Comments to the booking must be written in English