How to book a transfer?

You may book a transfer in your online account. To do this, open the Transfer tab, specify the starting and end points of the journey, the date and time, and the number of passengers. When specifying the number of passengers please don’t forget to indicate the number of children separately.


Making use of the filters, select the required transfer option. When choosing, please take note of the car type, maximum number of passengers and maximum luggage allowed, as shown in the rate information.

After you are directed to the booking form, please indicate in Latin letters the first name and surname of the passenger, the text of the sign with which the driver should meet the passengers, and the phone number at which the driver can contact the passenger.

If the passenger is travelling with sports equipment or is transporting pets, please indicate this in the section with additional services. 

Make sure you checked the additional services section for information about car seats if children under 12 years of age will be among the passengers. The driver has the right to refuse a ride if the child is not assigned a car seat that is appropriate for its age and height. 


If a passenger needs a transfer from the airport, you can provide the flight number for tracking. The conditions of tracking flights may vary depending on the airline.


You may leave your passenger requests in the Comments section. Please note that all comments must be in English. Execution of your wish is not guaranteed and is left to the discretion of the supplier. 

Before booking, please check all booking details and read the rate rules carefully.

After you complete the order you will be emailed a voucher with confirmation of the transfer booking. You may also download the voucher on the booking page.

You can pay for the transfer by bank transfer, bank card or from your credit limit.

The conditions of cancellation depend on the chosen fare. You can study these conditions in the transfer card or on the booking page.