Additional features of the RateHawk online account

In your online account you may: 

  • Add your company logo to the voucher. 

You may upload the voucher in the Contract Settings — Main section. After you add the logo, don’t forget to save your settings at the bottom of the page.


  • Set the commission

To set a commission, open the Contract Settings section, or contact your account manager.



To hide the net price, press the key combination Shift+R on the hotel search page.


In order to restore the net price, press the key combination Shift+R once again.


  • Set the filters

You may set the filters directly in your online account: add those you need and hide the ones you don’t use. 

  • Generate Excel reports

In order to create an Excel report with information on bookings, please access the Orders section, set the required filters, and click Excel Report.


  • Assign an internal number to a booking 

If you want to assign an internal number to a booking or to leave comments only visible to your agency, please let your account manager know.

  • Copy a passive segment (PNR)

After copying a separate passive segment of code from RateHawk, you may paste it into the Amadeus system so that all information about the traveler’s hotels is stored in a single GDS system. To do this: 

  1. Open the orders section and find the booking from which you want to copy the information.
  2. Click the Copy Passive Segment (PNR) button — it is located on the order page. 
  • Set the resale price

The resale price is reflected on the order page by default — you just have to show it on the booking form.