What is an overpayment, and how does it work?

Overpayment is your virtual wallet on RateHawk.com. 

How funds may appear on your overpayment account: 

  • if a booking that was paid for by bank transfer is canceled;
  • if you top up your overpayment balance directly with a bank card;
  • if you sent us payment by bank transfer, it was credited to your account but was not allocated to any orders.

You may check your overpayment balance in the Financial Information section. To access it, please click on the name of your company in the top right corner.

How to use overpayment: 

  • to settle invoices. How to do this. 
  • as your credit limit for non-refundable bookings: the system allows you to make new non-refundable bookings up to a sum not exceeding your overpayment balance if you don’t have a credit limit; 
  • as insurance against the automatic cancellation of bookings: the system will not cancel your order after the expiry of the free cancellation period if the cost of that booking does not exceed the overpayment balance.