If any refund was initiated on the Overpayment and you would like to receive a refund via Bank transfer or Credit card, please follow the below instruction.

* You can always check all the refunds to Overpayment in the section "Invoices and reporting = Payment history" and "Financial information".




Refund via Bank Transfer

You will need to send an email to your Account manager with the invoice/ official letter for the refund.

Invoice must include the next details:

  • Company legal/ bank account details.
  • ETI legal details (specified in any invoice).
  • Booking ID.
  • Amount for the refund.

Refund via Credit Card

Send an email to with the "CC Refund / Order ID" subject.

In the main body of the email please specify the amount and currency of the refund as well. Support team will inform you as soon as the refund will be transferred.