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How can I contact your Support Team?
How can I contact your Support Team?
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Our Support Team consists of the most experienced people who have been working in the hotel and hospitality business for many years. They are here to assist you with whatever your query might be, such as:

  • correcting/amending booking data (twin\double bed, guest names, duration of stay etc.);

  • handling additional information and special requests (guests’ birthday, smoking/non-smoking room, honeymoon etc.);

  • request a transfer;

  • emergencies (please contact by phone in this case).

TEL: +357 251 23261 (or other local landlines displayed under a Customer Support button)
E-MAIL: [email protected]


You may also contact the Support team by clicking on the booking order in you back office and starting a chat.


Our Support Team is available 24/7 any time, day and night.

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