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How do I pay for my bookings?
How do I pay for my bookings?
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1. To pay by credit card, enter your back office and click on the "Orders" tab. Select the reservation and click on “Pay by card” button to pay for the particular booking.


You may proceed with the payment in "Invoices and reporting=> Unpaid invoices" tab as well.


Input your credit card details to proceed with payment.


2. To pay via bank transfer, click on the «Download» button to obtain a PDF copy of the invoice.

Inter-bank transactions may take two business days or more, so please email the payment confirmation to your account manager as soon as you have it to disable the auto-cancel mode.

3. To pay via payment link for an already created booking access your online account and find the relevant booking or invoice, click on Payment link for a Client and set the commission in the new window that appears.

IMPORTANT! Please note that the system automatically cancels all unpaid refundable reservations 30 minutes before the end of the free cancellation deadline. Please do not wait until the last minute to avoid auto cancellation.

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