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How to create a hotel selection for a client
How to create a hotel selection for a client
Updated over a week ago
  1. Go to the Selections section and click on + Create selection.

  2. Think up a name and click on Create selection.

  3. Set the commission amount and choose the visibility settings for your client. Here you may set a single amount of commission for all rates at the same time or set them for each selection individually.

  4. Fill in your contact details and the description for the client — for example, “John, this is your hotels selection for Marmaris for 15–25 May 2022. Prices are valid as of when the selection was created, so I advise not to delay making a choice”.

  5. Find the accommodation option on the search page. Please note: you may now include offers from various cities and countries in the selection.

  6. Click on + Create selection and add a rate to the required selection from the drop-down list.

You can create a new selection on the hotel page as well when you choose the rate. In this case don’t forget to fill in the information and description for the client in the Selections section.

Once everything is ready, send the client a link or a pdf file. The selection will show the total prices including agent’s commission and your contact details without any reference to RateHawk.

Once the client makes their choice, find the required rate in the selection and click on Book. This will take you to the booking page, where you can complete the booking.

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