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The loyalty program conditions
The loyalty program conditions
Updated over a week ago

Here we analyze in detail how the renewed loyalty program will function on RateHawk.

Program conditions:

  • 1 point = 1 contracted currency unit;

  • you can start to use points from the second booking;

  • to earn points the booking must be paid for within the time period shown in the booking profile in your online account.

How to earn bonuses:

  1. Book a hotel on

  2. Pay for the booking on time. Please note that bank transfers may take several working days to go through. Please make your bank transfers in advance.

  3. Wait for loyalty points to be credited 60 days after the guest’s departure.

Accrual of loyalty points

The number of loyalty points that you earn for an order is shown on the hotel page next to the Book button.

Loyalty points are not accrued for all rates. If you cannot see how many loyalty points you will be awarded, it means that they are not awarded for this rate.

In the Orders section you may view how many loyalty points will be accrued for already completed bookings.

Spending loyalty points (additions to the rules!)

  1. You may use points to pay for 100% of the cost of a booking. This is a new rule.

  2. Loyalty points can be used within 730 days from the date of their accrual. After that points will expire.

As before, you may use loyalty points, to:

  • Pay for personal bookings;

  • Reduce prices on improving the room category.

How to pay for a booking with loyalty points:

  1. On the booking page select payment method Pay Now.

  2. Tick Pay with points.

  3. Choose how many points you wish to spend.

After this, the payment amount will be recalculated, and you will have to pay for the rest with your card.
*If you cancel a booking which was part paid using points, those points will not be returned to you.

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